Proteste auf Jersey gegen die Einführung von 5G auf den Kanalinseln Anfang nächsten Jahres

Demonstration on concerns about 5G technology

Man holding smart phone in his hand.
5G frequency waves are higher than those used before Credit: ITV Channel TV

A group of islanders are gathering in Jersey’s Royal Square to protest about the unveiling of 5G and wireless technology.

5G networks could be rolled out in both Jersey and Guernsey as early as next year and there are concerns about the possible health effects that they could cause.

Fifth generation internet, or 5G, could provide the fastest ever internet across the islands but there have been calls for more research into the technology before it is introduced in the island.

Despite health fears, The World Health Organisation says „no adverse effects“ have been proven from mobile phone use.

However, it has also said all radio frequency radiation, which includes mobile phone signals, are „possibly carcinogenic“, but the evidence at present falls short of being conclusive that exposure may cause cancer.

It has been Chinese companies leading the way when it comes to introducing the technology, to the islands. This too has raised concerns, with some politicians worried about Chinese companies gaining access to important and sensitive information from the islands.

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